Canada’s Largest Bike Swap

Sell your bike at the Spring Bicycle Show, March 6th to 8th, 2020. Bike must be received at GEARS by 5:00pm, March 1st.

Bike Swap (Consignment Sale) 2020

Gears Bike Shop and the Morning Glory Cycling Club have partnered to help develop a great opportunity for you to sell your old bike.

Starting in February 2020 (and until the Spring Bike Show, March 2020), drop your bike off at any Gears Bike Shop (4 locations across the GTA). Please see instructions and link to Consignement submission form in the block at the bottom of this page. Submission DEADLINE for paperwork and bikes is March 1st, 2020

To confirm if your bike qualifies, please send us a photo and indicate the model year. Additional details on the submission process are below.

How does the Sale work?

  • Used bicycles must be in good to excellent condition to be accepted for sale.

  • Bicycles will be inspected by Gears Staff to confirm that they are in proper working order and safe to sell – We reserve the right to refuse any equipment that is deemed non-serviceable or un-saleable

  • Consignee will be paid by cheque from Gears once sale is final

  • Bicycles sold at the Bike Swap will be subject to a 25% consignment fee or 20% if towards in-store credit

  • Unsold bikes will need to be picked up at Gears within 30 days of the Bike Swap. Items left after this will be considered a donation to Gears Bike Shop

How to prepare your bike for Sale

To help you get the best possible price for your used bicycle, we highly recommend the following:

  • Clean the frame

  • Clean excess oil and dirt from the drive train

  • Ensure that the shifters, derailleurs and all components are fully functional

  • Pump up the tires

  • Make note of Brand, Model, Size and Model Year (this will go on the hang-tag)

  • Uncertain of how to price your bike? Check out the Bicycle Blue Book, Value Guide (and remember, this is a Bike Swap, you are competing against other private sellers)

  • To confirm that your bike qualifies? Send us a photo