GEARS : Rental Bikes

GEARS offers day use hybrid rentals only in 2024.

We are not currently renting road, mountain, gravel, or kids bikes.

GEARS : Rentals

Maybe you don’t own a bike but your friend has invited you for an afternoon joyride along the bike path, or you’re in town on a trip and want to explore the sites. 

Please Note: Our rental charges are a per/calendar day fee and there are no exceptions. If your circumstance requires you to take the bike and not return it until the following day, full rental charges will apply for each calendar day you have the bike regardless of time.

How it Works

You can rent a leisure hybrid for $35/day + hst.

  • A “day” is Same Day, from store open to store close and does not include overnight.
  • If you pick up the bike one day and returned it the next it is considered a 2-day rental, regardless of the pick-up time.
  • Your rental includes a helmet and bottle cage.
  • You are required to sign a waiver, releasing liability.
  • Toronto experiences very high bike theft*. We cannot include a lock as it provides a false sense of security. Unfortunately, professional thieves can easily compromise most locks. For your protection you should not leave the bike alone.
  • We are unable to rent bikes with child seats or cargo racks.
  • Rental bikes are not insured, and you are responsible for the bike while it is in your care against theft or damage.
  • A $350 deposit must be paid either by Cash, Debit ot Credit. This will be returned to you when the bike is returned. If paid by Credit Card there is a 3% bank admin fee charged, $10.50, deducted from your refund.

Comfort & Hybrid Rentals : $35 /day + hst

I want to ride in an upright position and I would like to be as comfortable as possible.”

A comfort hybrid is ideal for a leisurely ride along the bike path and for those individuals who enjoy a comfortable and upright cycling position.

“I want to ride for fitness or pleasure on the road and maybe on gravel paths.”

A road hybrid is ideal for an active ride along the bike path or on the road and for those individuals who enjoy a (slightly) leaning forward cycling position.

What is included in your rental

Along with your rental bike, the following items are included in the rental fee:


  • Bike helmet, if you do not have your own
  • Bottle cage and basic bell
  • Basic bike sizing, ensuring you are riding the correct size bike, and seat height
  • We are unable to attach additional accessories to our bikes, including child seats

Riding bicycles has inherent risk, you will be required to sign a waiver before heading out with your rental. In addition, you assume the risk and are wholly responsible for the bike against theft and damage, while it is in your care.