GEARS : Bikes for Africa

Gears Bike Shop is proudly supporting Hope Ignited and their Bikes For Africa initiative

Bikes for Africa

Gears Bike Shop has partnered with Natasha Bomba and Hope Ignited to help collect a shipping container full of bicycles. We began to collect bike in the fall of 2019 and by the first week of December our initiative was accomplished, thanks to our amazing customers.

Together with the Morning Glory Cycling Club, The LapDogs Cycling Club, our Gears Staff… and most importantly, our amazing customer, we accomplished this task faster then we anticipated.

The container is now full of bikes and destined for Zambia in the spring.  (photo credit: Graham Paine/Torstar)

How can you still help?

Very simple. Hope Ignited is still looking for cash donations and support of it’s initiatives in Africa. Please check out their website in the link button below and show the world how amazing our GEARS customers are.

Thanks to all who have contributed. Your bikes will add much needed mobility for people in Zambia… from being able to get to school and to work, as well has providing transportation to local clinics and the distribution of medicine.