GEARS : Bikes

From the simplest single speed to the latest in digital shifting technology… we’ve got bikes for all tastes, desires and rides 

Urban Bikes

If you live in an urban environment (and even if you don’t), there is a very good chance that you’ve already discovered there is no better way to get around town than on a bicycle. In recent years we’ve witnessed a huge rise in the number of people using bikes to get to work, run errands, take the kids to school and generally just move quickly and efficiently around the city.

At Gears we have fully embraced the urban market with a full complement of bicycles that are ideally suited for city-life. From traditional bikes with full fenders, racks andinternal lighting systems, to the latest in eBike technologies, we’ve got a transportation solution for you.

Hybrid Bikes

From convenience and ease of getting around town to weekend fitness and family fun, hybrids represent a wide range of styles and functionality. From simple single speeds to the latest in urban e-bikes we truly believe that this is the best way to get from point A to point B.

Riding a bike… no matter the style, the purpose or the journey, makes one smile. From commuting to work, picking up groceries or riding with the kids to the park, being active and healthy and environmentally conscious, benefits us all.

Road Bikes

Speed, efficiency and performance. This is the essence of the “road” bike. From solo ventures and racing, to club rides and exploring with friends, road bikes have grown and evolved a great deal over the past decade and have spread across many applications and genres.

Road bikes appeal to anyone with a spirit of adventure and a taste for exploring where the pavement takes you… whether it’s tarmac to gravel and all points in between.

Off-Road Bikes

Adventure and fun in this woods. Flowing single track, epic climbs, amazing views, rocks, roots, and challenges… a mountain bike can introduce you to all of this and more. In our opinion, there is no better way to connect with nature.

Mountain bikes help bring out our inner child. They remind us what it was like to explore and experience the world and the trails often less traveled. They connect us with the earth.

Kids Bikes

For many of us, our first bike was our first taste of freedom and venture into independence. From strider bikes, single speed pedal bikes, right up to junior roads bikes… we love to see the joy that bicycles can bring to kids of all ages.

We have a full selection of kids bikes and accessories at our Leaside, Port Credit and Oakville locations. Bring the family.