GEARS : Brands

From the simplest single speed to the latest in digital shifting technology… we’ve got bikes for all tastes, desires and rides 

GEARS : Bulls

BULLS began as a traditional bike manufacturer, but what attracted Gears to this brand was their early adoption of eBike technologies. All of BULLS bikes are engineered, designed, and tested at their headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

BULLS has been in the eBike market since 2010, mainly in the continental Europe. Since those early stages, they have partnered in the development and production of eBike systems with top premium suppliers at the leading edge of this continually evolving market.

GEARS : Cannondale

With solid roots in the word of cycling and racing, Cannondale has always done things a little differently. It’s this unique approach to technology that makes them so appealing to us at Gears Bike Shop.

From the development of their iconic “Lefty” suspension fork to the newest aero road bikes, Cannondale has always taken a different path when it comes to bicycle design and innovation. Such attention to detail and performance is in the DNA of all Cannondale bicycles and across all genres that we sell at Gears Bike Shop.

GEARS : Cube

Gears Bike Shop first went to Germany a few years ago to visit the Cube Factory to do some research into eBikes. A technology that was pretty much unheard of in Canada at the time, but was becoming more and more popular in Europe. We were very impressed with what we saw.

Fast forward a couple of years and Gears now presents a full portfolio of Cube product across all genres and styles of bicycle. We have invested in this brand based on our confidence in their quality and technology and we’re very proud to have an exclusive relationship with the Cube brand in the GTA.

GEARS : Easy Motion

The Gears Bike Shop and Easy Motion partnership is completely focused on all things eBike. With a heritage built from BH Bicycles in Spain and a 100 years of history designing and manufacturing all types of bikes, Easy Motion represents the company’s commitment to embracing and developing new technologies and idea.

Gears carries a full range of Easy Motion eBikes covering all types and genres, from step-through urban bikes with full racks and fenders to some leading edge eMountain bikes designed for the adventurous rider looking for some “out of bounds” pleasure and excitement.

GEARS : Electra

Electra is a company that has pretty much focussed all of its efforts on the FUN of cycling. They design and produce a wide range of bicycles that encourage you to get out there and simply just enjoy the ride… no spandex required.

At Gears we love this approach as we know not everyone is driven by PRs and personal bests… some of us just want to cruise the bike path or run a few errands in comfort and style.

GEARS : Giant

Think of a type of bicycle… and Giant makes one. As the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, Giant has been able to advance both the design of bicycles and well as develop incredible manufacturing efficiencies, attributes that we found to be very desirable. The result for Gear Bike Shop is a collection of bikes with mass appeal and great value.

Our partnership with Giant has seen steady growth as they have proven themselves to be a solid choice for our customers.  They continue to develop new technologies and create products that inspire rides of all types.


GT has a long of solid history when it comes to the world of bicycle design and development. They began back in the 1970’s at the height of the BMX craze designing and building durable bikes…  and since then have continued to remain relevant and contemporary.

At Gears, we love their approach and share in their philosophy that riding is FUN – plain and simple. We still carry GT BMX bikes, and have since added to this portfolio with products across a wide range of styles and genres


At Gears Bike Shop, we’re big fans of the LIV line of bicycles. Uniquely designed and produced for the female rider, LIV products to help women discover and explore new possibilities through cycling.

It is this attitude and inclusive approach that resonates so positively with us. Gears has always believed in the power of cycling and empowerment is brings to all who ride. As the “sister” of Giant Bicycles, value and quality are at the forefront of all LIV products.

GEARS : Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau has been a ground breaker and fixture in the Canadian Cycling scene for over 35 years. With products ranging from clothing and accessories to bicycles of all types, Gears has been working with this Quebec based company for decades.

When it comes to Louis Garneau bicycles, we’ve had great success with their kids and youth line. Price, selection and a wide range of products for the younger cyclist have given LG a solid position with Gears and we love that they cover all ages from 3 to the early teens.

GEARS : Pinarello

Do you dream in Italian? With the introduction of this historic brand into our portfolio of offering, we’ve certainly begun to do so at Gears Bike Shop. What excited us about this brand was their introduction of the new Dyodo eRoad bikes designed exclusively for the North American marketplace.

Our relationship with the Pinarello brand is beginning in 2019 with a unique eRoad bike offering and we’re very interested in seeing where the journey may lead us. Given the history and legacy of this brand… the sky’s the limit. And we can dream can’t we?

GEARS : Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain Development Centre is nestled at the foot of the Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, home to some of the world’s most diverse and rugged terrain. We’ve been developing high performance mountain bikes here since 1981.

At Gears, we love mountain biking and we’ve long been big fans of Rocky Mountain bikes. Moving into the 2020 season we’re very pleased and excited to be adding this iconic Canadian Brand to our portfolio of bicycles.

GEARS : Specialized

Innovate or Die. This is the motto and driving attitude behind the growth and success of this brand. From the early days of mountain bike racing with the “revolutionary” Stumpjumper  to today’s development of industry-leading eBike technologies, Gears and Specialized have been together for well over 20 years.

Our relationship with the Big S is as strong today as it ever was. Must of this is built on the mutual belief that bicycles have the power to change lives.