GEARS : eHybrid

GEARS : eHybrid

From convenience and ease of getting around town to weekend fitness and family fun, hybrids represent a wide range of styles and functionality. From simple single speeds to the latest in urban e-bikes we truly believe that this is the best way to get from point A to point B.

Riding a eHybrid bike… no matter the style, the purpose or the journey, makes one smile. From commuting to work, picking up groceries or riding with the kids to the park, being active and healthy and environmentally conscious, benefits us all.

GEARS : Brands

We carry a curated selection of industry-leading brands. Visit our BRANDS Page to view our collection and current inventory.

Experience your new bike

We believe that being able to get out on the bike is the best way to get a true sense that the bike of your dreams… is the one. At Gears, we encourage test rides on just about every type, style, and model of bike that we sell.