GEARS : Essentials

The Bike is just the beginning… add to your cycling experience with all the right gear and accessories

Your Bicycle Essentials Checklist

This list is a little reminder of all the other items and essentials that will make your cycling experience more enjoyable and pleasurable. From tools, to on the bike gadgets and accessories. We have them all.

Items to consider include:

  • Floor Pump (our number 1 recommended item than all cyclists should own)
  • Seat / Saddle Bags (essential to carry spare tubes, tools and other items on the bike)
  • Tire Levers, Co2 Cartridges, Spare Tube or a Patch Kit (don’t get stuck)
  • Multi Tools (just in case)
  • Chain Lube (keep your chain and drive train running smoothly)
  • Kickstand
  • Bicycle Bell (let others hear you coming)
  • Locks and Security Items (protect your investment)
  • Bike Computer or  GPS Device (track your rides and never get lost)
  • Headlights and Taillight (not just for safety, its the law)
  • Waterbottle Cages and Waterbottles (keep yourself hydrated)
  • Car Racks (get your bike to where you want to ride)
  • Trainers (because sometimes inside riding is the only option)

Your On the Body Essentials Checklist

From safety to comfort and style. From keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter, having the proper gear and clothing will go a long way in help you have the most positive cycling experience.

Items to consider include:

  • Bicycle Helmet (our number 1 recommended item than all cyclists should own)
  • Shoes and Pedals (adds comfort, control and performance)
  • Cycling Jersey (designed to keep you comfortable)
  • Shorts and Bib Shorts (put a little something between you and your saddle)
  • Base Layers / Outer Layers
  • Arm / Knee / Leg Warmers (keep your self warm)
  • Booties
  • Gloves (protect your hands and increase your grip)
  • Optics  (not just stylish… and essential safety item)
  • Chamois Cream (because… you know)