GEARS : General Terms & Conditions

Gears Web Store Shipping and Return Policy


GEARS stocks thousands of unique items in 3 stores located across the Greater Toronto Area, however, GEARS also has access to millions of additional products from Partner Suppliers. Items purchased on WebStore, Available In Retail Store will be ready for pick-up, or shipped directly to you, same day or up to 4 days if the product needs to be transferred to your local store. Items purchased on WebStore, In Our Warehouse, may take up to 7+ days to first be ordered and received from the Warehouse before they are ready for pick-up In Store, or shipped to you.


When making a purchase from GEARS WebStore, GEARS absorbs shipping costs* for products from Warehouse to Shop. Gears will ship most* accessory WebStore purchases directly to you for costs similar to Canada Post Expedited Trackable service. Price varies by parcel weight and dimension.


*Some items will have additional charges and some items cannot be shipped, this will be communicated to you before your card is charged. Most average shoe box sized parcels will be about $15 in ON/QC, $25 elsewhere in Canada and $30 to the US. Return shipping to the shop is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any returned WebStore purchase will be assessed a $20.00 restocking fee. In-store pick-up items, not picked up within 30 days, will be assessed a 15% restocking fee and the $20 handling fee if it was from Warehouse, with the balance returned as in-store credit to your account.  For additional information about our eComm Policies, please see this LINK

Bicycle Shipping


Bicycles purchased on GEARS WebStore cannot be shipped. You may complete an online order for any bicycle and accessories for pick-up at the GEARS location most convenient to you.


GEARS WebStore is meant to help both of us. Human Beings enter all the information and code on our WebStore Platform and humans have been known to make mistakes. When we uncover an error we reserve the right to cancel the order and make a correction in our system. We appreciate you understanding that mistakes happen and that you are not trying to take advantage of us and we apologize in advance for this oversight and inconveniences mistakes can cause.


Please use the Additional Information area to communicate directly with us if needed. We read and will personally respond to every order. We protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all of the information you provide to us and prevents outside parties from being able to see your transaction information.

GEARS In-store Return Policy


In Store Accessory purchases can be returned within 14-days if the product and packaging are in original condition with purchase receipt. Exceptions to this include Car Racks, Child Transport, Cycling Shorts and Undergarments. Items on Sale and Close-out are Final Sale


GEARS has a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for Bicycle purchases. Bicycles are non-refundable, however, within the 14-day period, GEARS will exchange for an equal or greater value replacement. Exchanged bicycles will be assessed for wear and tear before the exchange is completed, additional charges may be incurred for dirt, rips, tears, drive-train wear , etc., or if the bicycle requires cleaning or replacement parts to be made new.


All refunds are done in the same method with which items were purchased. Gift cards are non-refundable, and sold at a $25 minimum.

Manufacturer’s Warranty


GEARS will act on your behalf with Suppliers/Manufacturers we do business with. GEARS will process items within the confines of the various Warranties offered. The purchaser is solely responsible for return shipping costs to the Supplier/Manufacturer, these charges will be paid in advance of an item being processed. Even though the item does not have to be purchased from a GEARS store, Original proof of purchase is always required for Warranty, regardless of the term of Warranty.


Warranties are against Manufacturer Defects — best rule of thumb, “If An Outside Force Acted On It, It Is NOT Warranty”. Warranties are non-transferable, any online secondary or used purchases, from sites such as eBay, will void any warranty a product may have had.