New Bike : Warranty Adjustments

GEARS : Peace of Mind

Available with all new bike purchases, our GEARS Six Months of Adjustments will help you keep you new ride running smoothly during the typical break-in period that all new bikes go through. This six (6) month complimentary service includes unlimited safety checks, gear and brake adjust and wheel trues. 

Our customers can stop by our stores anytime, the Warranty Service Adjustments service is done while you wait and no appointment is necessary. The service does not include installation or overhauling of any parts.

* Neglect and abuse will void warranty adjustments

Clean Bikes Only

Show your bike a little love and keep it clean. Warranty Service Adjustments are done on relatively clean bikes. Our technician must be able to easily access the derailleurs without mud, and while you wait. If the bike is too dirty for us to easily work on, and or you request to leave the bike behind, signing it in for service, we will charge our regular rates.

You may opt for a proper tune-up, where the service is more detailed and we clean your bike from top to bottom, in this case the bikes stays in our shop and again we will charge our regular rates, however you are welcome to come back anytime after for all the adjustments noted above, again, at no charge.

Voided Service Adjustments

Service Adjustments continue to be valid as long as your bike is not neglected or abused. If you leave your bike out on a balcony for 2 years and bring it to us completely rusted, it will be impossible to do warranty adjusts, and regular rates will apply.

If you take care of your bike, we will help you take care of your bike! If you don’t take care of your bike, we are still happy to help you, but we will charge our regular rates. Just like a car, if you drive your bike into a telephone pole and it gets crunched, that is not a warranty situation. Impacts void service adjustments.