GEARS : Peace of Mind

Welcome to the GEARS Experience… we’re here to guide you on your new Ride

GEARS : Peace of Mind

The purchase of a new bike can be a daunting experience, especially for a new rider. Many questions arise; what style of bike do I need? what size? what do I do to maintain it? Etc

At Gears, we want this experience to be enjoyable and trouble-free. Let our experts guide your and help you make the best decision about your new bike. With our Six Months of Service Adjustments and Dynamic Sizing, your investment in a new bicycle is secure and peace of mind is assured.

Six Months of Service Adjustments & Safety Checks

Peace of mind and value is included in your GEARS bicycle purchase with complimentary service for your new bike (this is a $60 per bike fee for non GEARS Bikes)

  • Unlimited gear and brake adjustments
  • Basic wheel trues
  • No appointment necessary, service is done while you wait
  • Bikes must be brought in clean
  • Does not include accessories, installation of parts or overhauls

If our mechanics notice something amiss they will communicate it with you while you are in the shop. We want your bike to work well so you can get the most enjoyment out of it.

EXTENDED 2 Year Program is now available ($60) :


  • For a one-time $60 fee, take advantage of additional service adjustments for your new bike and keep it running smoothly
  • No appointment required

Dynamic Sizing 

Gears Bike Shop wants to ensure that the bike you pick is the right size and appropriate geometry for you to get maximum enjoyment from your purchase. We will fine-tune your bicycle’s stock equipment to find a comfortable rider position. This service adjusts:


  • Handlebar rotation
  • Stem height and angle
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore/aft position

Think of it as purchasing a suit off the rack and having alterations made to the sleeves, shoulders, and “tweaking” of the measurements to make it look great! If you have a pre-existing injury, recovering from injury or have a physical limitation we highly recommend setting up an appointment with one of our Fitters.