GEARS : Stores

From humble beginnings to 4 locations, Gears has been a proud part of the local cycling scene since 1988 

GEARS : Port Credit

Affectionately called the “mother ship” our Port Credit shop is the foundation of the Gears community and our home base. Our original shop, Gears Port Credit, has been a steadfast fixture and link to the local cycling community for 3 decades. This shop has witnessed a lot of change over 30 years, yet continues to remain relevant and very much at the forefront of all things cycling.

In addition to being the first shop, Gears Port Credit, play a very important role as the administrative centre for our business. It’s also were you’ll find many of our veteran staff, who helped us define, develop and create our distinct Gears Culture. From this core… our business grew, and continues to more forward.


GEARS : Toronto Leaside 

Our Gears “uptown” location has grown over the years to become our Flagship shop and an important cycling hub within the Leaside neighbourhood. Home to the Morning Glory Cycling Club, Gears Leaside caters to a wide range of cyclists, from kids to racers to commuters and adventurers, and all those in between.

Of our four locations, Leaside very much leads the charge with our “roadie” clientele. But it’s not all spandex and high-performance. Being located in a busy residential area, allows us to cater to all types of cyclists and we’ve very much taken a family-friendly approach to this business. From a child’s first strider bike to the latest in materials and technology, Leaside truly is a full-service shop for all who ride.


GEARS : Oakville

Catering to a wide-range of cyclings, this suburban shop has steadily build a solid reputation amounsgt Oakville’s cycling community. Not far from some of the very best in road, gravel and mountain biking in Southern Ontario, this shop carries something for everyone and every style of cyclist.

Oakville is also home to our Regional Service Department and is the Technical Service Hub for our other locations. Warehousing, distribution and the assembly of most of our bicycle inventory takes place at this location, giving the shop a unique and vital role in the continued growth of our business.


GEARS : Canary District

Our newest shop opened its doors in 2016 and is located in Toronto’s newest and most unique neighborhood. The Canary District was conceived on the foundation of the 2015 PanAm Games and strives to be a community built upon healthy, active lifestyles. This growing and dynamic neighborhood has embraced Gears and we’ve happily become a cornerstone of this new urban community.

Given its urban location, proximity to several major bike paths and routes in and out of the downtown core, our Canary shop is very much focused on supporting urban cyclists