Warranty Services

GEARS offers Lifetime Warranty Adjustments with every bike sold

Gears Bike Shop offers Free Lifetime Warranty Adjustments with every bike sold. Your new bike most likely has gears and brakes which operate by cables being pulled by the shift (gear) and brake levers. When new cables are pulled by the levers, they can stretch, which in turn can “throw off” the perfect adjustments your new bike had when it left the shop. This “settling” is completely normal for new bikes. The cables, similar to braided rope, may stretch out and loosen with use. You are invited to bring your bike back into Gears and we will do the required adjustments on the gears by adjusting cable tension and the limit screws on the derailleurs, tuning the bike back to new condition. This process is similar to a piano or guitar being tuned when it no longer sounds as it should. How do you know you need these adjustments?  Maybe your gears will make a clicking noise that won’t go away, or the shifting isn’t as responsive as when you first rode the bike. The brakes may feel “softer” or “squishier”. We will also check the spoke tension in your wheels ensuring that they are correctly tensioned for optimal strength.  The “dish” of a wheel and the tension of the spokes is a science for your wheels to turn “true”/straight. New bikes may have the spokes loosen after several km, and you may notice a slight wobble, or rubbing in a certain spot with each revolution. The taller, sturdier and heavier you are will increase the likelihood your spokes will loosen, particularly in the rear wheel where your body weight rests, and your legs force the wheel to turn.

Most people should bring their bike in yearly. When your bike is put in the stand we will check it over to ensure nothing is loose, your adjustments will be made and air will be put in your tires. This service will be done while you wait, and no appointment is necessary, simply come during our open hours and 1/2 hour before close. If our mechanics notice something amiss they will communicate it with you while you are in the shop. We want your bike to work well so you can get the most enjoyment out of it. Know that we are here for you and available for your questions and concerns anytime. We are a very seasonal business and everyone thinks about biking at the same time April-June, remember we are open 12 months a year with full-time professional mechanics on-site every day.

Lifetime Warranty Adjustments are done on relatively clean bikes, we must be able to easily access the derailleurs without mud, and while you wait. If the bike is too dirty for us to easily work on, and or you request to leave the bike behind, signing it in for service, we will charge our regular rates. You may opt for a proper tune-up, where the service is more detailed and we clean your bike from top to bottom, in this case the bikes stays in our shop and again we will charge our regular rates, however you are welcome to come back anytime after for all the adjustments noted above, again, at no charge. Lifetime Warranty Adjustments continue to be valid as long as your bike is not neglected or abused. If you leave your bike out on a balcony for 2 years and bring it to us completely rusted, it will be impossible to do warranty adjusts, and regular rates will apply. If you take care of your bike, we will help you take care of your bike! If you don’t take care of your bike, we are still happy to help you, but we will charge our regular rates. Just like a car, if you drive your bike into a telephone pole and it gets crunched, that is not a warranty situation. Impacts void lifetime warranty adjustments.


Lifetime adjustments do not include installation of any parts, including tubes, cables or brake pads, nor does it include overhauling any part, taking it apart, cleaning it, relubing it or repacking it, regular charges apply.


We have been offering our Lifetime Warranty Adjustments for new bike purchases for a very long time and the service is incredibly well-received by all our customers. We want our customers to be happy, we want you to be happy.

No Charge – Lifetime Warranty Adjustments


  • Includes gear and brake adjusts, and wheel trues

  • Done on clean bikes

  • Done while you wait

  • No appointment necessary

  • Does not include installation of any parts

  • Does not include overhauling any parts

  • Neglect and abuse void lifetime warranty adjustments